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Intensive Therapies

Provided by Brain Enrichment Hub
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Intensive Therapies

Provided by Brain Enrichment Hub
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Sensory and Brain Enrichment Therapies

For kids With Developmental Delays, Sensory Disorders, and Mild to Moderate Autism Spectrum or no specific diagnosis but struggling to meet developmental milestones and emotional regulation.

Multidisciplinary Therapy Flow

Use different pathways to heal the brain in a natural and fluid environment.

Movement-Based Therapy

Emerging techniques to help the kids achieve meaningful milestones necessary for their development.


All the resources to support a child and her parents in the journey to transition to a typical school setting.

Treat the Child As a Whole

From nutritional coaching to functional medicine and parental coaching, we are in this together.

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How It Works

It is a continuum. Kids start out with 1:1 therapies and work towards group therapy settings in order to prepare them for school.

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Monday - Friday:  Open exclusively for Therapy Program 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Saturday & Sunday: Private Birthday Parties or Playdates or Open Play when available

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