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Why do we exist?

Parenting is hectic as it is. We want to make it easier.
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Our 4 Core Propositions


We have coffee and Wi-Fi.


With your kids or under our supervision. Your choice.


Kids and adults get to have fun. Really.


Feel great for you and for your kid.

Our Story

And why we exist in this world!

We conceived POD 22 because we felt something was missing in the Family Entertainment Center arena.  As such, we set out to reinvent the concept of indoor playgrounds to include amenities for the enjoyment of kids and adults equally.

As parents we are constantly on the run. Days don’t seem to have enough hours for all our to-do’s and as a result we put ourselves last. POD 22 aims to put the parents’ needs on an even keel with the kids’ needs. Our ultimate objective is to enable Time: with the kids or in different activities – but all in the same space.

Oh! About Our Name...

A pod can be a vessel, a crate, a structure, a shell, a capsule, or a framework. And that’s what we offer –a special space for you and your family where all can be together. And the 22 is not a hashtag, it is a number. It is all about that famous ‘Catch 22’ – “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions”. A mouthful, we know. But simply said POD 22 is about eliminating that catch 22 and giving both, Parents and Kids, simultaneous and guiltless me time while being together as a family.

Look at what we have accomplished so far! #ohsoproud

Our Crew

The ones that make the magic happen

Virginia "Giny" Aguirrebeitia

Founder & Chief Play Officer

Giny moved from Caracas, Venezuela to the US to finish her studies. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College in Boston, MA, and a Masters Degree in Global Marketing Communications from the same institution. She followed her dream of working in Advertising and had a blast doing all things Marketing for Fortune 500 companies in New York City, Boston, and Miami.

Say hi when you see her!

She lives in Miami with her husband David and their three kids Emma (9), Andres (7), and Victoria (2).

Andreina Villabon

Andreina Villabon


Andreina was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a degree in Culinary Arts and started her career passionately working in the Hospitality Industry. For the past 4 years she lived in London, UK working in restaurants furthering her management education and experience. She has now moved to Miami and is enjoying the lovely weather.

Jeisselle Lopez

Jeisselle Lopez

POD Welcomer & Play Supervisor

Jeisselle was born and raised in Miami, FL. She is currently completing her AS in sign language interpretations at Miami Dade College. After which she is planning on getting her BA to be a certified interpreter. Jeisselle has two dogs and nephew that are her world. She loves being around kids, watching them learn and grow into their own little individuals. 

Anastasiya Filatova

Anastasiya Filatova

POD22 Spa Nail & Hair Tech

Anastasiya is an aspiring artist from Russia, raised in Europe, traveling all around the world. She has a passion for beauty industry. She has previous experience working under famous hairstylist in Milan, France, New York and now recently Miami. Anastasiya loves what she does, she gets to make people feel beautiful and get creative all at the same time. 

Allyah Ortiz

Allyah Ortiz

Birthday Party Crew Lead

Allyah was born and raised in Miami, FL. She is currently at Miami Dade College studying Graphic Design Technology. With an eye for design, she hopes to become a Graphic Designer and Art Director. Ally adores working with children as she has plenty of experience working in indoor playgrounds and preschools.

Shanice Dieujuste

Shanice Dieujuste

POD Welcomer & Play Supervisor

Shanice was born in Miami, FL. She acquired her AA in nursing at Miami Dade College and is currently perusing her BA in nursing in hopes of becoming an anesthesiologist in the future. Shanice has previous experience with kids working at camps and baby sitting. It was then she realized her love for kids. They bring fun, excitement and motivate Shanice to be a better person every day. 

Ekaterina "Katti" Postylyakova

Ekaterina "Katti" Postylyakova

Marketing Consultant

Katti was born in Miami, FL but was raised in Russia up till middle school. She acquired her associates degree at Miami Dade College in Journalism and is now studying at Florida International University pursuing a bachelors degree in Communications Public Relations.
When she graduates she hopes to become a Brand Marketing Consultant. Katti has previous experience with kids having worked as a camp counselor and after school carer.

Alejandra Ugarriza

Alejandra Ugarriza

POD Welcomer & Play Supervisor

Alejandra was born and raised in Miami Beach, FL. She acquired her Associates degree at Miami – Dade College. Alejandra is now finishing her Bachelors at Florida International University. Pursuing her degree in Criminal Justice with a Women and Gender Studies Minor. In the future Alejandra hopes to become a Special Victims Bureau Detective. She has previous experience working with kids in juvenile delinquency program, summer camp and baby sitting.

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Monday - Friday:  Open exclusively for Therapy Program and Mommy & Me Montessori 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Saturday & Sunday: Private Birthday Parties or Playdates Only

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