Open Play Party Guidelines


Open Play Party Definition
Per POD 22 Policy, an Open Play Party is defined as a group of people that bring cake/ cupcakes to celebrate someone’s birthday.

As soon as “cake” is introduced, POD 22 automatically considers the group an Open Play party and Open Play Party rules apply.


Open Play Parties have very specific rules:


Maximum 10 Children
As soon as the group surpasses 10 children, the party will automatically be considered a full Party and Party Package pricing applies. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Full Fare for all Children
Discounts and promotions are not applicable for Open Play Parties. All children pay the $16 plus tax fare. Sibling discounts do not apply.
No Advanced Reservations
Just like with Open Play, Open Play Parties cannot be previously reserved and are fully dependant on Open Play available times.

The space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note Open Play times may change suddenly and without notice. It is best to call POD 22 ahead of time.

1 Balloon Maximum Decor
The maximum decor allowed is a single balloon. No other decor or set up is allowed in Open Play Parties.
Cleaning Fee
A $30 cleaning fee automatically applies for all Open Play Parties as defined by the policy.